About Us

Gourmutt was born in the year 2010 and is the brain child of Ms. Bhavini Bangera who has been a proud pet parent for more than 15 years.

Her inspiration for starting Gourmutt was her pet dog, Simba who was a Labrador Retriever. Simba started developing severe health complications at the age of 5 which were majorly related to poor immunity and wrong eating habits. After battling till the age of 8, Simba passed away which made our Founder realise the importance of having a healthy and nutritious diet for pets.

“Simba’s illness and death made me go through a lot of research and learning of how, just like humans, dogs too need a balanced and healthy diet of foods and nutrients which help in their well being. Ever since Simba started falling sick, I started developing a lot of recipes and foods which made me realise how important and different a dog’s diet should be, which most of the pet parents are never aware of!”

After lots of research and development, there were recipes developed for dogs which while being tasty for our furry kids, also deliver wholesome nutrition as per their body requirements. This gave birth to Gourmutt.

GOUR +MUTT…Gourmutt means gourmet and exclusive foods for Mutts (Dogs).
What started as a specialised brand for dog cakes and cupcakes, 10 years back, Gourmutt today has grown to a bigger and trusted name across India with its specialised range of treats and biscuits. Every single treat and biscuit is carefully formulated so as to include as much healthy and nutritious ingredients for dogs as possible.

Our Quality Control Experts
After Simba, we have Simba’s younger brother, Snoopy (Beagle) and Murphy (Black pug) who have holded the fort in being our QC Experts. Every single treat and biscuit formulated, goes through them for a quality check. If it’s not good for Snoopy and Murphy, it’s not good for any other furry kid!
Thus, your pets’ friends are ensuring that they pass on the best to you.